Divorce Settlement (Dissolution of Marriage)

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Divorce Settlement (Dissolution of Marriage)

The Law Office of Thomas W. Drexler handles family law matters with emphasis on financial considerations.

The word “Divorce” is no longer used in court proceedings, and this type of case is now referred to as “Dissolution of Marriage” in an attempt to make the procedure seem less adversarial. Despite the change in terminology, a dissolution of marriage remains a difficult and sometimes traumatic time for most people.

In the majority of cases, both parties agree to dissolve their marriage, and it is usually other issues that cause delay or difficulty, specifically child custody, child support, visitation, disposition of real estate, division of debts, and disposition of personal property such as vehicles, pensions and bank accounts. We try to do the best job possible and keep in mind the difficult strains our clients are frequently under in these matters and strive to achieve results that make financial sense.

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